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Final Reflection: “It doesn’t stop here!” (#MANG2049)

This module, taught unconventionally, tasked me to carry out independent research and analysis, guided largely only by rubrics . Initially, I was anxious to navigate but having seen how independent work has taken me far and beyond, it propelled me to dig deeper. I derived a new sense of satisfaction and confidence when my work was singled out for mention

Unknowingly, some soft skills like locating, organising and analysing data information also improved. This journey is significant as it has sharpened my analytical skill to pave the way for my entry into the industry where having an analytical mind and problem solving skills are critical

This module opened my mind to understand what is “A World Without Borders” helping me, an amateur, to leverage on a digital portfolio to market my work online


Photo Reference:
World Without Borders – how the world becomes one  through networking. The blue line represents the internet links between country to country. Available at :

Photo Reference:
How each individual is connected through the internet
Available at :
The Power of Blogging, a visibility magnet, allows one to showcase his talent which in turn attracts potential scouters to let these newbies prove their worth


Photo Reference: A quote from Denise Wakeman, available at:


Photo Reference:

A screenshot from my LinkedIn that shows how blogging can be a “visibility magnet” as 295 people viewed my post in the past 3 days.

The module however pointed out that what I have on my different sites is not enough because the content is not outstanding

Through this module, I have learnt how to address the 2 pointers above , to develop a more targeted online profile that can help me stand out in a crowd

At the same time, it has prompted me to be more active on social media where the world is my audience. But be mindful of safeguarding my personal information, such that I will not be victimized

Before, blogging was a platform to share my life and it stops there. The course has brought blogging to a new level as it is submission requirement to highlight its significance as an online channel to showcase oneself


Photo Reference: Notification from LinkedIn to me that my blog post has been featured. The blog post was published after I attended MANG2049.

The module also impacted on me

1)How Social Media is taking the world by storm, is an effective marketing tool


 Photo Reference:

2) Why are social media platforms or their designs constructed in a certain way for example, LinkedIn emphasizes on credentials while Facebook focuses more on the content posted

3) What kind of personalities reside on each social media site and where I should go to get what is needed

(a)    LinkedIn, to increase my visibility to potential employers, (Job search matters)


Photo Reference:
A snippet from my LinkedIn account

(b)   Facebook, through Electronic Digital Mail to broadcast recent events that I am participating (Social Matters)


Photo Reference:
A snippet from my Facebook account

(c) Twitter for short messages to my contacts who might not have time to chat 


Photo Reference: A snippet from my Twitter account


Photo reference:
A brief conversation with my instructor on Twitter . Because of the letter  limit imposed, I can only send a “one liner”.

My Twitter account has been dormant . This module is a wake-up call to revisit Twitter as Twitter is effective to communicate short, and to the point messages

The following are charts that contain data that has been extrapolated from the “Self-test” at the start of the module. It shows how far I have progressed since the module started


how-open-i-am-to-sharing-data-online my-online-indentity-after-mang-2049self-test the-ability-to-create-online-materials

Graphics Reference:

The above charts and graphs are all done by me.

The transformation has begun.
The journey ahead will be more exciting as I continue to pick up new skills

As a student, I have left my comfort zone to be spoon fed. Now, I venture out to find my identity and destiny through untrodden paths because I have learnt there is no turning back. When I press on at each crossroad, I discover new insights and hopefully my effort will be rewarded

Graphics Reference: A mind-map that I did which charts my progress before and after attending MANG 2049.

Video Reference: A Powtoon I did to summarise how MANG 2049 has helped me thus far.

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